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Laser Engraved Wood Products That Are Ideal For Wedding Favors

When you host a wedding for family and loved ones, you may give back to your guests in the form of wedding favors. Wedding favors give you the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with items or keepsakes that people keep for years to come. One way to gift unique keepsakes is with laser wood engraved products.

Laser wood engraving can create custom details, text, and images on many types of products. Learn some of the wedding favors you could order through a laser wood engraving company. The products offer nice ways to capture your wedding and give others a nice gift to cherish for years to come.

Holiday Ornaments

Gift a wedding favor that guests can hang year after year. A custom engraved holiday ornament can include many symbols, including hearts, snowmen, or simple ornament shapes. Along with the ornament itself, the laser engraving can include you and your partner's name along with the date or year of the wedding.

Each year, people can pull out the ornament and associate special memories with the small keepsake.

Photo Plaques

Computer-run laser engravers can print the tiniest details onto an ornament. The details may include a recreation of a picture. Gift family and friends small photo plaques with a picture of you and your partner. The plaque is a nice keepsake people can put on display on a shelf, mantle, or dresser.

The wooden design adds a nice rustic touch and will ensure the photo remains in the same condition for years to come.

Wooden Coasters

Choose a wedding favor that people may use on a daily basis. Wooden coasters can feature a wide range of designs and people can find multiple uses for the coasters in their houses. Choose an option that represents your wedding in an elegant way. For example, if roses were a big part of your wedding theme, then consider an engraved rose design.

Play around with ideas and use small text to put your wedding dates or names directly on the coasters as well.

Keepsake Boxes

If you plan to gift small candies or other edibles as wedding favors, then you can present those favors in the form of a wooden keepsake box. A custom engraved box can feature designs on the top of the box along with all the sides. Choose wedding designs like wedding bells or flowers. You could also choose character designs to represent you and your partner.

Choose one or more of these options as you plan your wedding. Order them way ahead of time to ensure they will be ready for your wedding day. To learn more about your options, reach out to a company like Keeter Manufacturing & Laser Tech